Lake IllawarraWindang Bowls Club is situated between Lake Illawarra and the Pacific Ocean.

Lake Illawarra is a beautiful salt-water lake surrounded by parkland, beaches and children’s playgrounds.

This natural wonderland is a top spot for fishing, prawning, boating, windsurfing and yachting, and our club is situated just meters from the lake’s edge overlooking the lake’s entrance to the sea.

Windang is approximately 1.5 hours drive south of Sydney airport, approximately 20 mins drive south of the Wollongong CBD and is 10 mins to Shellharbour City.

Other nearby attractions unique to our area include:

  • The Minnamurra Rainforest National Park
  • The Science Centre and Planetarium
  • The Nan Tien Temple (the largest Buddhist territory in the Southern Hemisphere)
  • The scenic mountain railway “The Cockatoo Run”

Both cities offer many attractions including shopping, sightseeing, entertainment facilities and also a selection of restaurants, cafes and clubs.


Nick is one of our friendliest staff! Always enthusiastic to help out and get to know you. Say “Hi” to Nick and get to experience the joy that Nick has brought to both the patrons and staff of Club Windang.

Scott has been with Club Windang for 13 years and during this time he has left a memorable mark! Either it be through his impeccable service or friendly demeanour, he has offered an experience for patrons that has been remembered through the years.

Showing a great display of team effort as they volunteer to give blood! Their actions have inspired others to exceed expectations and to have a giving attitude with the experiences that are shared.

Left to Right clockwise: Teisha, Scott, Dave & Joanne.